I live in the northern part of the Netherlands and have a very busy job in healthcare and science. Regularly, I like to take time off to relax while painting. I have been painting since secondary school. During summer I have often spent one or two weeks at the most beautiful spots in Europe and the US to draw and paint. Since 2004 I mostly use acrylics to paint, because I feel this gives me more creative freedom than watercolour, although I recently got interested in this technique again. I have taken classes and workshops with Antje Sonnenschein, Theo Onnes, Maike van der Kooij, Jan Velthuis and others. Many topics can inspire me, such as landscapes, animals, dancers and faces. In the past years I have had a couple of exhibitions. I have made this website for others to enjoy my work. Please get in touch at info (at) artbynatasha.net in case of questions or when you are interested in purchasing one of my paintings.